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Beavers are boys aged between 6 and 8 years old, and make up the youngest section of the Scout Group. The most important reason for becoming a Beaver is to have fun and make new friends. Even after Wolf Cubs were started in 1916, there was still a demand by the youngest family members to be able to be part of the Scout Movement. From as early as 1963, however, there were not officially recognised in Britain until 1982

The Beaver Section is based around the 'Friends of the Forest' book with the leaders taking their names from characters in the book.

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Promise and Law

The Beaver Law:

"A Beaver is always busy and bright, and helps other people by doing a good turn every day."

The Beaver Promise:

"I promise to do my best,
To obey my Leaders and parents
And to be a good Beaver."

The Beaver Motto:

"Busy and Bright"

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Go to the beaver badge section for details of badges

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Important Facts

Important facts about being a Beaver Scout at 1st Earley B-PSA Scout Group:-

Meeting place:-  click here for directions

Meeting time:- The Beaver Colony meets every Wednesday from

Age:- You can join Beavers in the three months leading up to your 6th birthday and can move to the Cub Pack any time from you 8th birthday, but before you reach 8 ½.

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Please follow this link for uniform details


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More Information

If you want to find out for yourself what we get up to, then please click here to contact us.

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