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 'The Website' or 'This Website' will hereafter refer to the Hyper-Text, it being included, any images and scripts within the realms of the domain

'The website' aims to cater for both existing members of the group and to those seeking to join the group in addition to promoting Scouting around the world.

Privacy and Personal Details

This site tracks visitor hits and records information including but not limited to: the browser used to view 'this website' and the type of operating system used. The aforementioned information is purely used to ascertain and assess how many people visit 'the website' and to find trends in user hits. No personal details are held by this method and users cannot be personally identified.

If e-mail is sent using the contact us page, then a name and a valid e-mail address will be required for the form to validate. The details may be kept for future reference if so decided that future contact is required. The submitted information will only be used in relation to the enquiry, and will not be sold to third-parties.

Parts of 'this website' make use of cookies.


The aforesaid privacy statement covers only 'this website'. First Earley B-PSA Scout Group accepts no responsibility for the content of any links directed thither. Third-party websites include but may not be limited to the following:


Any views and opinions that appear herein do not necessarily represent the views of the First Earley B-PSA Scout Group or the Baden-Powell Scouts' Association.

Any photographs that appear herein are copyright of members and leaders by whom they were taken, and may not be used against the First Earley B-PSA Scout Group or the Baden-Powell Scouts' Association.


All the content of this website is hereby copyright First Earley B-PSA Scout Group and the design of this website is copyright of First Earley B-PSA Scout Group.

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